With Fall Festivals, Trunk or Treats, and many other Halloween festivities over the next several days we want to share some tips to keep your pets safe.
Store candy in a secure space, a place that your pet cannot reach. Yes, even the cat may knock it down and assist their furry siblings.
If dressing up your furry child be sure they don’t mind, and the fit is appropriate. The fabric shouldn’t be rubbing under the legs, or too tight around the neck. 

Front Doors
If you are passing out candy, be sure your pet is somewhere safe in your home. With more traffic, bizarre costumes, loud noises, and decorations your pet may feel anxious or confused. 
Consider your pet when decorating. We don’t want them caught up in webs, chewing scarecrows, or eating sequins (or anything else). 

Halloween is one of the more stressful holidays for animals. Be sure your pet knows who you are face painting, and masks may trigger them to act differently than you expect. 
Please contact us with your ideas, questions, tips, or concerns. We love hearing from you!