When pets consume too many calories due to poor nutrition choices and too much sitting cause them to gain weight. Due to weight gain, pets suffer from various diseases, such as difficulty breathing, sore joints, diabetes, cancer risk, and obesity. All these diseases shorten the lifespan of pets. To overcome this issue, April is celebrated as canine fitness month.

How to Celebrate Active Dog Month?
Sedentarism has now become the most preferred lifestyle of pets and humans. The counterpart of this lifestyle is movement. So, here we’ll share some useful tips for celebrating active dog month. All these tips will help your dog stay active and in shape.

Stay Active
• Give proper time for exercise and take them for walks. It will help both of you.
• Play games with your dog. Buy a Frisbee or toss a ball.
• If your dog isn’t used to exercise or walks, start slow and gradually increase activity levels.
• Follow the exercise plan according to your dog breed’s energy level.
• Try some obedience training and teach your dog some basic commands, like sit, come, and down, etc.

Healthy Diet
The main cause of obesity in dogs is overfeeding.
• Avoid feeding human foods and treats full of calories.
• Consult your vet about feed proportion size.
• Provide and clean and cool water to your dog.
• When your dog does something well, reward him with praise instead of food.

Dog Fitness and Healthy Diet Benefits
Like humans, you can keep your dogs fit with a healthy diet and exercise. Canine fitness can help avoid weight-related stress and diabetes. The benefits of dog fitness are for a lifetime. A healthy and happy dog means a happy owner.
• Body condition and healthy weight increase the lifespan of dogs.
• Exercise can help older dogs to maintain their muscles and move their joints.
• Spending time with your dog improves bonding.
• Active play and exercise keep your dog free from stress and boredom.

Other Activities to Perform in Canine Fitness Month
• Encourage other owners to take part in healthy activities.
• Take a photo of your pet while playing and upload it on social media platforms.
• Use hashtags to spread awareness.
• Follow this pattern for the rest of the year to keep your dog healthy and happy.
• If you can’t spare time for fitness activities, hire a dog walker on a permanent basis.

Final Words
April is canine fitness month and celebrates it to keep your dog healthy and happy. Changing the dog’s lifestyle will keep him healthy and increase the lifespan.