Introducing a new furry friend to your family and other pets can be a memorable and exciting time. Since we are dog sitters in Fort Worth, TX., people are always asking for advice on this. You need to do planning before introducing a new dog in the household to other pets. Ensure that everyone feels safe and comfortable. You need to research before getting a new dog home. In this article, we’ll discuss the best way to introduce a new dog in the household to the other dogs, cats, and babies/small children.

Dog to Dog
Before bringing the new dog home:
• Bring his scent and let other pets to get introduced to his smell.
• Ensure that your new dog and resident dogs are vaccinated properly to avoid any infection.
• Introduce both the dogs in an unfamiliar position. It will assure your resident dog that his territory isn’t threatened.

Each dog must be handled by a separate person and must be loosely held six-foot leash. Relax yourself and your dogs to avoid any problem. Don’t force your dogs to interact. For the first time, they will ignore each other and give them time to get comfortable with the situation. When they show positive signs, allow them to sniff each other.

Do brief introductions, and don’t ask your dogs to focus hard because it can result in an aggressive response. Refocus the attention of both the dogs with a short walk and obedience commands.

Watch for these things, if they are going well, and then proceed to the next step:
• Relaxed open mouths
• Loose body movements
• Playful posturing

In case of opposite reactions like hair standing up on the back, growls, slow body movements, and prolonged staring, ask your dogs to focus on you.

Dog to Cat
Dogs love to chase, so if you want to keep other pets safe, ensure that the dog looks at you as a leader and leaves his desire to chase. You can do the same as done in a dog-to-dog case by bringing the dog smell home so that cat gets used to it. Place the cat accessories high and there should be a path to escape for your kitten.

Hold the dog leash loosely and see how they interact with each other. Ensure that cat doesn’t get afraid and walks away because it will encourage the dog to chase her. Offer toys to your dog for chasing instead of a cat. Carefully examine the interaction and see their reaction. Do everything to keep your kitten safe.

Dogs to Babies/Small Children
Dogs and babies can become an inseparable companion. Moreover, they can develop a lifelong friendship. When bring a dog home, ensure the safety of your small children. Always supervise interaction between children and your dog. A dog can bite and scratch your children when they’re not supervised. Don’t leave your dog alone with kids and toddlers.

When the dog seems calm, introduce him to kids. Take the dog on the walk and familiarize him with your babies. If you want to do this at home, choose a calm atmosphere or a large room. Children make noises that can intimidate dogs, so keep your kids calm during the interaction. Hold the leash tightly for the safety of kids.