Good family dogs are chosen based on 3 factors

Temperament-This is the dog’s personality. A calmer dog has the ability to form strong bonds and be a great companion for your kids.   

Size-Size should be looked at in relation to the temperament and energy level. Some large dogs are docile and some small dogs get very excited and have lots of energy. 

Energy Level-This preference can vary from one house to another. Be realistic about how much time you have to exercise with your dog. If you cannot meet those needs this excess energy can cause behavioral problems in the future.

Here are the 10 best dogs for kids and families:

10. Bulldog
Bulldogs are devoted and patient with kids. They are also a sturdy dog for kids that like to roughhouse. They get along well with other dogs and cats. They are friendly, loyal, and docile creatures. Keep in mind that their teeth need extra care and that they wheeze, snore, and drool.     

 9. Beagle-
Beagles are great for families based on their size and calm temper. If your kids love the outside this is a perfect breed. Their favorite thing to do is explore outside.  They do shed a lot and need to be bathed often.

 8. Bull Terrier-
 This dog has sometimes been branded as an aggressive animal. This is unfair because they were actually bred to be a companion animal. They are great with grown-ups and kids. Since they have such a sturdy frame and a high pain threshold they are good with rambunctious kids. They do tend to get into mischief if bored. They must be exercised physically and mentally every day. 

7. Collie-
Collies are very gentle and easily trainable. They are also very predictable and they rarely misbehave. Collies get along with other dogs and children. They love to please their owners and protect their family. Because of their long hair, they do require a lot of grooming so keep that in mind if you have a busy household.      

6. Newfoundland-
This dog is nicknamed “Nature’s Babysitter” for a reason. This intelligent breed loves children and wants to protect them.  This large and sweet dog is loved by all. Newfoundlands do better with families with large open spaces. They also love water. Keep in mind that they do shed a lot and they drool.

5. Vizsla-
This breed isn’t a common household name. But, because of its need for regular exercise, it’s actually one best dog breeds for active and energetic families with older kids. This breed is obedient, confident, and smart. It forms close bonds with its family and is able to learn tricks quickly. Based on its energy level a vizsla needs to be exercised daily. 

4. Irish Setter-
This beautiful breed is known for his red coat. The Irish loves being around people and plays well with kids. They are very playful and energetic. This breed does require a lot of exercise and hates being alone. Before you adopt an Irish Setter make sure you and your family have enough time for this wonderful dog.   
3. Poodle-
Poodles are smart gentle dogs that come in both standard and miniature sizes. These dogs are great for kids with allergies because they shed very little.  The Standard breed is very obedient and smart, playful and adventurous. They get along great with familiar people and kids. But, the tend to not like strangers. Miniatures seem to attach themselves to one person in particular. But they are good with other pets and kids They are smart, responsive, obedient and playful.   No matter what breed of Poodle you choose their coat will require regular grooming.

2. Labrador Retriever-
Labs are one of the most popular breeds! This comes with good reason. They are playful, patient, loving, and protective. Labs are intelligent and they take well to training. They get along with other animals and everyone they meet.  Labs due require a lot of exercise to burn up some of that extra energy. Make sure your family is up for the challenge.  

1. Golden Retriever
The Golden Retriever is a confident, smart, kind, and loyal dog. They are neither aggressive or timid. They are also extremely patient which makes them a great match for kids. Golden retrievers do require a lot of exercise. They love to play fetch. They are very affectionate and obedient which makes it easy to fall in love with them. To keep their golden coats beautiful they do require brushing twice a week.