Happy and healthy pets need exercise and potty breaks…even while you’re at work.  But, bringing in a pet professional can be intimidating. After all, you’re not only entrusting them with your precious pet, but with your home as well. Google pet sitters in your area and check ratings. Then contact them and ask by asking these questions:

Will they do a meet and greet with you and your dog? A meet and greet is important for you and your pet. Most professional dog walkers are able to bond with your pet and know ways to make this happen. Make sure your pet is able to enjoy his/her time with the dog walker. And, make sure you feel comfortable with this person coming in and out of your home when you are not present.  

Are they bonded and insured? This is protection for both you, your pet and your home. All professional dog walkers should have both. Bonding protects you against theft. Liability insurance protects against negligence and accidents.

Will the same person walk my dog every day? Consistency is key for both your pet and you. Knowing who is with your dog and in your home provides peace of mind. The dog walking experience is much more enjoyable for your pet if they have a consistent dog walker who they like walking them every day.

What’s the interview process for sitters? Learn how they hire new dog walkers. What traits do they look for before hiring? Do they also run background checks on each dog walker? What happens when your walker is on vacation or gets sick?

Have the handled your dog’s specific issue before? If your dog has any special needs, ask the candidates to speak about their experience dealing with the issue. If they don’t have direct experience, ask them how they would handle a theoretical scenario.

Where will your dog be walked? Where will your dog go on his/her walk? Around the neighborhood? Will they visit a dog park? Will the walk always be the same?

Will there be any communication from the dog walker regarding the walk? Reputable professional dog walkers will provide some sort of client communication so that you will know when your pet sitter arrived, when your pet was returned and how your pet did on the walk. 

Finding the right pet professional for you and your pet will give you peace of mind and your pooch a joyful daily experience. Doing your homework on the front end will greatly improve your opportunities in finding the right qualified and trusted dog walker.