Before going into the details of this topic, let me clear one question that many pet owners want to know: What is the National Pet Dental Health Month? February is celebrated as a Pet Dental Month to highlight the importance of oral health. If you’re witnessing a pet’s bad breath, don’t turn your nose because oral hygiene is essential for pets like it is for humans. Poor oral health can cause serious issues, such as liver, kidney, and heart muscle damage. If you want your dog to live a happier and longer life, practice good dental care at home. It’s simple and easy to clean the teeth of your pup. Read this guide to learn simple tips for keeping your pet’s teeth clean.

Easy Tips for Keeping Your Pet’s Teeth Clean

Follow these 5 tips and help your dog to live a healthy and longer life.

1. Regularly Brush Your Pet’s Teeth
It might look daunting and silly task, but it can prevent plaque buildup. It doesn’t mean that you have to brush your pet’s teeth daily, but try to brush as often as you can. You might have to train your pet for brushing. Buy delicious toothpaste specifically designed for pets. This toothpaste is different from human toothpaste and doesn’t contain toxic ingredients. Moreover, they’re made of delicious flavors, such as peanut butter and chicken flavor. You can use a brush that fits your fingertip or toothbrush for their teeth cleaning.
2. Dental Treats
Many pets show resistance to brushing, but you don’t need to give up. There are plenty of options that can help sanitize their smile. Dental treats are popular among pet owners. When choosing dental treats, keep a few things in mind, such as ingredients, size, timing, and pet’s teeth.
3. Dog Dental Spray
If your pet’s bad breath is causing you to miss out on kisses and you don’t have enough time to brush your pet’s teeth, dental sprays are the best solution. It’s the best and simple way to clean your pet’s teeth. You can use it alone or between the brushes. The purpose of this spray is to kill plaque-causing bacteria and provide a fresh smell.
4. Tooth Wipes
If the pet is resisting brushing, you can switch to other techniques. You can use dental wipes for cleaning. You can rub these wipes against the pet’s teeth to remove plaque. The only issue with these wipes is they can’t get into tiny nooks. They’re a more comfortable and better way for your pet’s teeth cleaning.
5. Professional Cleaning
The best way to ensure good oral health is to take your dog for professional cleaning. Your vet can address any issue present in your pet’s teeth. It’s the most expensive cleaning option than the above methods, but it’s the best way to maintain good oral health. A vet can prevent and locate issues that go unnoticed by a pet’s owners.

So, celebrate this Pet Dental Month by cleaning your pet’s teeth regularly. Follow all these steps for keeping your pet’s teeth clean.