Some foods are good for humans but can be toxic for dogs and cats and can cause various health problems. It’s your responsibility to keep your pets away from such foods. In this article, we’ll discuss poisonous things to dogs and cats and what can you do if your pet is poisoned?

10 Toxic Foods for Dogs and Cats
Below-given foods are poisonous for pets.

Chocolates can cause vomiting, diarrhea, and seizures. Sometimes it can turn out to be fatal. If your dog or cat has accidentally eaten chocolate, immediately contact the vet.
Leftover bones are always dangerous for pets. Sharp bone pieces can cause internal bleeding and damage the digestive organs.
Onion and Garlic
They can be lethal and damage the red blood cells of your feline friend and result in anemia. Both these foods contain thiosulphate that can be fatal for pets.
Nuts can be toxic to dogs and cats, and they can cause lethargy, seizure, loss of muscle control, and vomiting. Moreover, the presence of salt and a high amount of fat in nuts can lead to many health issues.
Remove wild mushrooms from your yard. These mushrooms are more dangerous than those that are present in grocery stores. Few bites can cause vomiting and seizures.
Grapes and Raisins
Both these foods are toxic and can cause kidney issues. When your pets eat any of these, even in small quantities, it can result in decreased appetite and lethargy. In worst cases, they can cause kidney failure as well.
Fruits are toxic to pets, and they can cause dilated pupils. Moreover, they can cause breathing problems and sometimes result in death. The presence of cyanide in non-pulp parts is poisonous to pets.
When pets accidentally ingest alcohol, it results in poisoning. When pets ingest alcoholic substances, it results in high body temperature, lethargy, depression, and sedation. Pets can be recovered if they’re treated early.
Avocado is a healthy diet for people, but persin in avocado acts as a poison for pets and can lead to diarrhea and vomiting.
Many human foods contain this sweetener like some kinds of peanut butter and gums. It can immediately result in a drop in blood sugar. Moreover, it can cause weaknesses, liver issues, and seizures

What to Do If Your Dog or Cat Is Poisoned?
If your pet has eaten something poisonous, immediately contact your vet. Follow these tips to prevent your pet from death.
1. Take your pet away from that area and remove any leftover poisonous foods from that area.
2. Collect that food sample because you’ll have to share it with the vet.
3. Don’t use any home remedy to counter the situation.
4. Don’t induce vomiting without consulting the vet.
5. Ensure that your pet is safe and breathing normally.
6. Take your pet to a nearby vet as soon as possible.
7. Call the Pet Poison Helpline at 800 213-6680 if your vet is not open.
After following these steps, if you still have any confusion, contact us here at Top Dog, a Fort Worth Sitting Company. We’re always available for help.