February is spay/neuter awareness month in the U.S. Being pet sitters and dog walkers in Fort Worth, Texas spaying and neutering is very important to us. Therefore, we have compiled this guide to discuss the importance and benefits of spaying your pets. When you safeguard your pet’s health, it results in their behavior improvement. If you want your feline friends to live a healthy and long life, you should decide to neuter your pets.

Why Is Spaying Important?
Spayed and neutered cats and dogs live longer than those that are not. It helps to offer a loving home to millions of homeless pets in the United States. Moreover, spaying provides lots of behavioral and medical benefits.

Benefits of Spaying and Neutering Your Cats and Dogs

Some medical and behavioral benefits are given below:

• Ends the heat cycle in female pets
These heat cycles occur twice a year in dogs and cause many unwanted behavior changes, including aggression. Cats face this heat cycle three weeks between January and November. Female cats try to escape to mate, attract unwanted male cats, and howl relentlessly during this period. Sometimes they urinate more frequently throughout the house.
• Both of these activities reduce the occurrence of reproductive health problems
According to studies, neutered/spayed pets live longer. Moreover, spaying eliminates the risk of life-threatening infection of the uterus in pets. Spaying also reduces the chances of mammary cancer in dogs and cats. Neutering reduces the prostate problem’s risk in dogs. Furthermore, it eliminates the chances of testicular cancer in all species.
• A male dog will not roam away from home
Intact male dogs do almost everything to find a mate, and they sometimes try to escape from home. When he roams away from home, it increases the chances of fights with other animals and injury in traffic.
• Females pets live a healthier and longer life
As mentioned above, spaying prevents breast cancer and uterine infections that can be deadly dangerous for dogs and cats, so spaying your pets before first heat can protect them from these diseases.
• Neutered male behavior will be much better
When dogs and cats are unneutered, they leave their strong-smelling urine in the house to mark it their territory. Once your dog is neutered, the chances are he’ll not mount other dogs and objects. Early neutering can also help avoid some aggression problems.
• Neutering and spaying won’t make your cat or dog fat
Some people make an excuse that neutering can make their pets fat, but it’s not true. Lack of exercise and overfeeding are the leading causes of weight gain. Neutering and spaying have nothing to do with weight gain.
• Cost-effective
The cost of neuter/spay surgery is always less than the cost of treating litters. So, it must be your first choice.
These practices are good for the community
Stray animals pose different threats to the community. They can result in road accidents, attack other animals, and damage the local fauna. Neutering can reduce the number of animals in the streets and make the community safe.

Final Words
Celebrate February as a neuter awareness month and play your part. It will improve the health and life-span of your dogs and cats, and make your society secure.