New Year’s Eve gatherings are traditional across the globe. If you are planning to gather with loved ones or go out for New Year’s Parties this weekend consider these tips to be sure you and your loved ones, furry ones included, are safe.

The driver is for you, the caregiver for your pets… well you may need a caregiver too! If you are venturing out, be sure to get a safe and sober driver, maybe call an Uber or Lyft. Many offer discount codes for the holidays. Be sure if you plan on leaving town that you have made arrangements for your furry children. We are having a blast caring for our favorite furry pals this holiday season. You can always confirm with your designated driver and your pal’s pet sitter… we recommend confirming today!

Before heading out or in for a night of countdown fun, be sure to hydrate (with water) and grub a nice dish. Your furry child should too! Be sure they can always access water. Dehydration is never fun, and this is the first step to keeping that from happening. If you plan on consuming alcohol be sure to eat prior.

This is especially important for your pal if you have a gathering at your house. Be sure your pal has a safe space to get comfy in case the stress of fireworks and loud party-goers becomes overwhelming. This space should also be pet-proof and especially free of human food, and alcohol.

When animals hear loud noises they may become overwhelmed with fear or anxiety and act differently than ever before. This includes hiding, running, crying, and aggressive behavior changes. The same can occur when alcohol is involved with adults… try to be the one that diffuses the situation.

Have a wonderful New Year!