It’s getting closer to Spring, but here in Texas, it has felt like Spring all Winter! Your dog and cat will likely shed and they don’t discriminate where either. You may be able to prevent some of the shedding, but what if it’s too late?
Let’s Talk Preventative
Bathing your pet often can help keep their coat fresh, soft, and less likely to shed. You must remember that properly drying them is key to keeping their skin healthy too! Pat dry is a must if you aren’t using a blower. Also, always brush your pet. This will help keep your dog or cat from shedding freely throughout the house.
Furminator de-shedding brushes are very effective! We brush our dogs with one once a week and they LOVE it. Also, you would not believe how much lose hair attaches to it.  At $33 they are a little pricy, But, they are worth it!  You can find them at https://www.chewy.com/furminator-long-hair-deshedding-edge/dp/176386
How to Tackle Pet Hair:
Nothing quite like putting on a nice suit or a pair of comfy leggings and looking down to find you are covered in your dog or cat’s fur.
Lint Roller: Great for minor situations on clothing, furniture, and even the interior of your car.
White Vinegar:  Great for clothing, if you have time to wash them prior to leaving. Simply try using a little white vinegar in the washing machine. It is a natural fabric softener, that will help loosen the fur from your clothing.
Dryer Sheets or Laundry Balls: Then toss them into the dryer with a dryer sheet or wool laundry balls and your clothes should come out much nicer. (Follow up with a lint roller as needed).
Glove Test: All you need is a rubber glove and a damp cloth. Simply put on the glove, pat the hand with the cloth, and rub the glove over the furniture, leggings, seat of the car. It is especially helpful when hair is slightly embedded in the furniture.
Microfiber: Best to use on hard surfaces (wood, plastic, etc…). Simply run the microfiber cloth across the furniture or hardwoods. The static helps the fur cling to the microfiber cloth.
Baking Soda: A natural deodorizer and it’s said to loosen up the fur helping the vacuum work.
Robo Vacuums! These little ninjas make cleaning so much easier. Is it because they really are that great at cleaning, or they just take some of the load off of us? We don’t really know! But they really do a great job cleaning up that fur!
Friendly Reminder:
Now that we have removed all the fur from everything don’t forget to revisit how to prevent or at the very least limit the shedding. Once it gets everywhere it can be overwhelming!