How Do You Stop Your Dog From Digging?

If your dog is devastating your gorgeous lawn and garden, try to understand the reason because it’s not the desire of a dog. Dogs do this when they are looking for comfort, attention, protection, and entertainment. Now the question is, how do you stop dogs from digging? The answer is you can stop them from digging in many ways.

The Best Solutions to Stop Your Dog from Digging Your Lawn and Yard

Follow the below-given tips to stop the digging behavior of your dogs.

  • Diagnose the problem

As a dog owner, you need to find out why your dog is doing this. Dogs do this for seeking attention, entertainment, physical comfort, and escape. Try to find the reason why your dog is digging. Remember, digging is their natural instinct, and it might not be completely stopped, but you can minimize or control this. So, diagnose the problem and try to fix it.

  • Pay more attention

Pets don’t love to be ignored. Dogs love to get human attention. Spend time with your dog and play with him. When a dog is happy, he will not dig to get attention.

  • Reduce boredom

Dogs get bored when they are alone at home. You can do lots of things to reduce their boredom. For example, provide them some interactive dog toys. Set a schedule for exercise and walk. Bring your dog to the park. All these things will help reduce boredom and stop dogs from digging.

  • Provide your dog a shaded area

You have to do everything to stop your dogs from digging. Provide them a shelter so that they can rest there when the weather is hot. Provide them with a comfortable place. Keep your dogs inside to protect from heat. Make them realized that you are treating them like a family.

  • Seek professional’s help

If you have tried everything but didn’t get success and you’re not able to diagnose the problem or reason, seek professional’s help. Certified trainers understand the dog’s behavior and can tell you the causes why your dog is digging. It would be better for you to get basic training.

Some Other Tips

  • Sprinkle nasty scent

Identify the areas your dog is digging the most and sprinkle the nasty scent. After sniffing the smell, your dog won’t go there. In this way, you can stop your dog from digging.

  • Block off the dog’s access

If your dog is destroying a particular area, the best way is to fence the area. It will stop your dog’s entry in that specific area.

  • Train your dog

The best and economical way is to train your dog. You might feel that your dog might not follow your instructions, but believe me, it is the best solution. You can provide him different toys or a place where they can spend time. If you are finding it difficult to train your dog, seek the help of expert trainers.

These are the ways that can help stop dogs from digging. Follow these little tips and steps, and your dog will stop digging your gorgeous lawn and garden.