Are you considering bringing home a fur baby? If yes, then it’s time to act on it! Pets are the most lovable creatures you’ll ever come across. They also play an important role in our lives. For example, research has proven that pets can help boost the mental health of pet parents. Pets can help you deal with depression, anxiety, and their symptoms. And yes, those with pets vouch for how exceptionally their fur babies have helped them cruise through phases of isolation and worthlessness.
That brings us to the question – how do pets help us beat the blues? This Mental Health Awareness Month let’s understand how pets can help us manage and deal with depression and everything that comes with it:

Companionship and Comfort
A pet is a constant reminder that you’re not alone. Pets will be around no matter what. You may be super occupied with office work or chores around the house, but you’ll find your pet always waiting for you patiently (or impatiently, at times!). Animals can connect with humans differently; they have an unspoken bond with us that makes it even more special. Their unconditional love and attention make them wonderful companions. Pets instantly know when their owners are distressed and offer soothing comfort like no other.
Sense of Calmness
Stroking an animal boosts oxytocin levels and instantly drops cortisol levels as well. The very sight of a little puppy can boost happy hormones and play with them, cuddling with them for a short span can work wonders for our mood. No matter how stressed you are, even a quick interaction with a puppy or any other pet can change your mood right away!
A Life Full of Activity
With a pet around, you’ll always be on your toes throughout the day! Take them for walks, feed them, play with them – if nothing else, they’ll be up to some mischief that you’ll have to sort after! Your life turns around the day a pet enters your life; you have a sense of purpose and routine and a renewed perspective on life. The ones struggling with depression know how difficult it can get on days when you don’t have the will to even pull yourself outside your bed. But when you have a pet around, you know they are dependent on you – it’s easier to motivate yourself to get through the day with them.
Increased Socialization
Depression can make you want to just sit in one corner of your home, sulk and avoid people completely. But with a pet, you’re outside more often – for walks, dog parks, dog grooming centers, at the vets’ place. Pets can literally open up your world, helping you connect with many people, including dog lovers. Social connection and interaction are a great way to deal with depression!
Summing Up
There are so many pets out there that are waiting for their forever homes. Dogs in Fort Worth, cats, puppies, abandoned animals in shelter homes – there are so many waiting for love and giving nothing but unconditional love back. If you don’t have a pet or do not have the time and space to get one for yourself right now, you can always spend quality time with other people’s pets.