1. Ask Around-Your friends, relatives, neighbors, or local shelter or rescue who they use or recommend.
2. Choose Friendly-When you call to make an appointment is the staff friendly and attentive? What is the vet’s bedside manner? Are they calm? Does your pet seem to like them?
3.The Same Pet Care Philosophies-Do you have the same thoughts on hot topics like cancer care, spaying/neutering, chronic disease planning, and euthanasia. This will help during times when you might have to make difficult decisions.
4. A Busy Clinic Usually Means Better- Don’t let a busy or fast-paced waiting area discourage you. It could be because the clinic is well liked and hard working.
5. Money Matters-Vet bills can add up quickly. Don’t choose an expensive vet that you cannot afford as you will be less likely to go for annual check ups or if your animal is hurt or becomes ill. See if your vet takes payment plans. Some vets will split bills up into two or three payments.  
Hours Of Operation-Are they there when you need them? What are their policies after hours? Are they open extended hours? If not, will the vet meet you at the clinic in case of an emergency?
6. Location-How close is the vet to you? This important in case of an emergency. But, do not choose on this alone if the above criteria is not met. You might be better off driving further for a better-skilled staff.