You must be prepared for emergencies all year, but this month reminds you that you must have an emergency plan for your pets. Lots of natural disasters can happen, so you must prepare your pets for them. These disasters depend on your living location. Since June is National Pet Preparedness Month, so here, we’ll discuss how to prepare your pet for an emergency.

How to Prepare Your Pet for an Emergency?
Ensure that there is a pet-friendly emergency plan in place. More importantly, pet sitters and pet walkers must-have pet emergency plans to deal with natural disasters. Remember, you can’t be 100% prepared for any emergency, but it can help you and your pet if you have a flexible plan.
Follow the below-given tips and prepare your pets for an emergency:

• Identify the Possibilities.
As mentioned at the start, disasters vary from location to location, so you must identify the different types of man-made and natural disasters that can possibly occur in your living area. When you understand the possibilities, you can plan effectively for them.

• What Will Be Your Response?
Remember, you can’t have the same emergency plan for all the disasters, so you need to have different strategies for each type of emergency. Create plans early so that you must have time to prepare for them.

• Use Microchip
Ensure that your pet has a microchip all the time. It must include your contact information, pet’s name, and rabies tag. It will help you get your pet back in case he gets lost.

• Find Pet-Friendly Places
In natural disasters, you often have to leave your home and take your pets with you. So, if that situation occurs, you must have a place where you’ll take your pet. You can take your pets to pet-friendly hotels and evacuation shelters. These places must be 60-miles away from your current location. You can use Google to find pet-friendly lodging options.

• Prepare a Bag of Emergency Supplies
When preparing a bag, keep five days food, extra leashes, food and water bowls, trash bags, litter pans, and newspapers. Don’t forget to prepare a first-aid kit for your pet.

• Purchase a Pet Carrier
You might not use a pet carrier on normal days, but you must have a pet carrier when you prepare for an emergency. It should be large enough so that pets can lie down, stand up, and turn around without trouble.

• Let Others Know Your Plan
Some other people are also involved when it comes to pet care. So, let your pet sitter and pet walker know about the specific pet care plan so that they can use it when you’re away from home.

Final Words
June is National Pet Preparedness Month, so every pet owner must follow the tips mentioned above to keep their pets safe from man-made and natural disasters. Moreover, set up an emergency plan this month and be prepared for emergencies throughout the year. It will help you keep your pet safe.