Christmas is the best event to spend time with friends and family, share gifts, enjoy food, and decorate the home. All this stuff can be entertaining for humans; meanwhile, it can be stressful and hazardous for pets. You need to do everything to keep your pets safe at Christmas.

5 Tips for Keeping Your Pet’s Safe at Christmas
This festive season allows your pets to hide in wrapping paper, play with decorations, and enjoy tempting treats. All these things can be hazardous for your pets. Follow the safety tips given below for keeping your pets safe at Christmas.
• Dangling Decorations
Keep the Christmas decorations out of the reach of your pets. Hanging baubles from the tree might look like toys, but if it could break in their mouth, it can cause some severe damage. Candy canes also pose a threat to pets.
The best way is to hand risky things at the top of the tree. Keep an eye on your feline friend to avoid the risk of electric shock.
• Christmas Tree
During this festive season, having a pine or fir tree at home can cause wonders, but it can be risky for pets. Fir trees contain oil that can be toxic and result in stomach upsets. Moreover, needles can get stuck in the throat or paw of a pet.
The best practice is to sweep up the needles regularly and keep the tree room closed when you’re away. In this way, you can prevent accidents.
• Christmas Food
Most of our festive season foods can be toxic and dangerous for pets. Treats like Chocolate, Alcohol, Mince pies, Onion gravy, and Christmas pudding can make your pet unwell.
It would be great to serve your pets with white meat like turkey. The best practice is to keep them eating their appropriate food. You can make pet treats yourself to avoid weight gain and other health issues.
• Stress
Pets can get stressed if not given proper attention. Don’t forget to give them the proper time. Moreover, a busy house and new faces can be scary for your pets. Dedicate a separate room for your pets where they can play and rest. Ensure that the place is safe and doesn’t contain any harmful objects. Keep your guests away from that room so that your pet can get relaxed. Maintain everyday routines of your pets like exercise and feeding.
• Gift Wrapping
When you’re wrapping presents, keep your pets away from the room. Strings, sellotape, ribbons, and wrapping paper can be dangerous if ingested. Moreover, scissors can also pose a serious threat. Keep all these materials away from your pet’s reach. Hide the packed gifts and get them out on Christmas morning.

Pets are like family members, and they deserve the same safety and care as the other family members do. So, follow all these tips for keeping your pets safe at Christmas. Avoid hazardous foods, keep gift wrappers and other materials out of their reach, dedicate a room for your pet, and keep your Christmas tree out of their reach. After doing all this, you and your pets are ready to enjoy this festive season.