If you have a cat, you probably have a litter box. We all know that things can turn bad very quickly, and the smell is horrendous. We were on the hunt to find the best remedies for those stinky litter box situations.
Litter Box Liners
These things are like magic for the litter box. It has the same concept as a trash bag or even a crockpot liner (if you haven’t discovered those, you are surely missing out). They just line the litter box and you put the cat litter on top of them… you can scoop if you like or simply take the liner off and it contains the waste and throw it away.
Daily Scoop
While it may not be fun, it is totally worth it! Scoop the box daily, especially if your litter box serves more than one cat. There are new products for cat litter disposal too! They work just like a diaper pail for baby diapers.
Complete Clean
Be sure your litter box gets the full service cleaning at least one time a month. That means all litter out, no liner in, and spray it down and dry it out. This will keep your box from getting build up and smelling awful. The air quality in your home depends on it.
Real Estate
We really just mean the location of the litter box within your home. Your cat will likely want privacy and you want clean air. So making that location far from the common areas of your space is ideal. We love the idea of a cat door for them to access it too.
Replace the litter
We mentioned a complete cleaning of your litter box monthly, but we also want to replace the litter every two weeks, not just scoop. With the previously mentioned box liners, this task is super simple!
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