With Christmas Day less than a week away, let’s chat last-minute cleaning tips that make your home feel extra cozy and clean when your loved ones arrive. We chatted with a few professional visitors and discovered what catches their eye. And what makes them feel special when they arrive.

The Front Door
Surprise?! Consider this, unless you are bringing your loved ones home yourself, they are likely to be standing at the door for a few moments with nothing to do but look around. Take a minute to clean the glass, wipe the fixtures, blow the leaves, and throw a quick piece of decor on the door. We have a wreath that we exchange flowers and decorate seasonally. May get a hook and stocking, or wrap your door to look like a present.

The Bathroom
Within minutes of arriving our guests are lined up at the bathroom for some relief from all that coffee, and to wash their hands to grab some snacks. Be sure to clean what is directly behind and in front of the toilet. Don’t forget the toilet bowl. Stock up on extra toilet paper, wet wipes, and clean out the trash can. Wipe the mirrors, the fixtures, add some fresh flowers, air fresh, and a yummy smelling soap. Have an emergency bin under the sink in case your guests need anything. (toilet paper, feminine products, air freshener, etc…).

If your front closet is where everyone will be placing their jackets and purses it’s a good place to tidy up a little. Most guests will want a place to drop their coat, scarf, and bags. Providing some extra hangers, maybe a shelf for purses, and a mat for shoes. We like to toss a lint roller, small scissors for stray thread, and small sewing kit in a bin just in case someone needs it.

The Fridge
Funny enough, people notice your refrigerator. Not to say that it should be sparkling, stacked like the container store, and labeled… but cleaning that syrup that spilled, or the bbq that dripped is a nice touch. Be sure there is space for your guests to place their goodies. And have plenty of water bottles!

Take out the Trash
Simple enough, clean out the bins in each room. The kitchen, bathroom, guest room, and where ever else you are hiding one. Take out the recycling too. This will not only give more space for all your guests to discard, but will also keep the smell fresh in the house.

Fresh Animals & Spaces
Don’t forget to bathe the furry children! Nothing like having a beautiful clean home and a not so fresh fur baby climbing on your guest’s lap. So be sure to clean out the litter box, discard the puppy pads, clean the floor, and give your pal a fresh scent. Now is not the time to try anything new, it’s best to stick to the traditions and not discover any allergies when your schedule is already hectic.

BONUS: Wifi Password
Almost everyone wants it, some may need it to pay that bill they forgot while packing… so why not post it somewhere everyone will see it? Try the fridge, bathroom door, coffee table, or just have it readily available. We have a nice print out that includes directions to our entertainment system, alarm system, physical/mailing address, and wifi for our guests.