Nowadays, Lyme disease is common in dogs. Therefore, May is celebrated as Lyme disease awareness month. Dog owners and vets can spread awareness for preventing pets from Lyme and tick-borne diseases. So, in this article, we’ll discuss the causes, prevention, and treatment for Lyme disease in dogs.

Cause, Prevention, and Treatment for Lyme disease in Dogs
Lyme Disease is a disease that is transmitted to dogs, other animals, and humans by certain species of ticks are called Lyme. When a tick bites dogs or humans, a bacterium gets into the bloodstream of dogs and humans. When inserted into the bloodstream, this bacterium travels in the different parts of the body and affects specific organs, such as joints.

Causes of Lyme disease in Dogs:
Unfortunately, it’s a common disease in canines, so look for the below-given symptoms:
• Fever
• Lameness
• Reduced energy
• Loss of appetite
• Swelling of joints
• Stiffness and discomfort
When the condition gets worst, it leads to kidney failure that can be fatal for dogs. Moreover, it can cause neurological and cardiac issues.

Prevention of Lyme disease in Dogs
You can prevent your dogs from Lyme in the following ways:
• Daily Inspection
When you bring your dog back after a walk through a grassy or woods setting, check for ticks. Check your dog’s feet, between the toes, around the eyes, near the anus, on lips, under the tail, and inside the ears.
• Remove Ticks
When you remove ticks early, it will help you prevent your dog from diseases related to tick bites. Purchase tweezers for this task and learn how to remove them without hurting dogs.
• Consult Vet
If you can remove ticks yourself, it’s great. Otherwise, ask your vet to remove them. Moreover, when you take your dog for a checkup, ask your vet to conduct a tick check.
• Purchase Vet-Approved Products
For flea prevention, use vet-approved products from the market.
• Vaccination
The best and easy way to protect your dog from becoming a victim of Lyme is to get him vaccinated. Ask your vet if it’s appropriate for your dog.

Treatment for Lyme disease in Dogs:
If you have done everything right to prevent your dogs from Lyme but couldn’t do that, you need to use antibiotics for at least one month. Sometimes, you can get rid of the infection quickly, but it will take time if the disease is prolonged, so you need to extend this timeframe. There are other therapies as well for treating specific symptoms.

How to Celebrate National Lyme disease Awareness Month.
Since May is Lyme disease prevention month, you need to celebrate it in the following ways:
• Raise awareness and funds to improve the lives of patients suffering from Lyme.
• Arrange awareness seminars and sessions to educate the public.
• Run a fundraising campaign on Facebook and Twitter.
• Organize a Lyme walk with the community.
• Inspect your dog for Lyme disease.