Do you have microchipped your pets already? If no, then get them microchipped because May is National Chip Your Pet Month. AKC has officially recognized May as a holiday to educate pet owners about the importance of microchipping their four-legged friends. Here, we’ll discuss the importance and benefits of microchipping your pets and how to celebrate this month.

What Are Microchips and How They Work?
It is similar in size to a grain of rice. It’s rooted in the shoulder blades of pets. This microchip will give your pet a unique identifier that will help you trace in if they’re lost. There are no battery requirements and no chance of chips getting lost because they’re inserted in a pet’s skin.
These microchips are different from GPS trackers because they don’t need batteries. Moreover, GPS can only tell you about the approximate location of your pet within a specific range. In contrast, these tiny chips provide your complete information to others, and they can help reunite you with your feline friend.
Furthermore, these devices are inserted into the skin, and when your pet is lost and the chip is scanned, a person who is trying to return your pet will get all your details.

Benefits of Microchipping Your Pet
Since May is the National Chip Your Pet Month, let’s discuss the benefits of inserting a chip in your pet. Microchips are in use for years and have helped pet owners to get their pets back. Chips are getting popular, and the number of people using them is increasing day by day.
When you insert it in the animal, and your pet is lost, a person who finds your pet will get your complete detail and return your pet to you. Some benefits of microchipping your pets are given below:
• Inserting a microchip into a pet’s body is a painless experience. It will take only a few seconds to insert it.
• Collars and trackers can be removed, but nobody can get the chip out of the body. They’re smaller in size, so it’s not easy to find their location
after insertion.
• Chip remains inactive until it makes contact with a scanner. So, you don’t need to replace it during the life of your pet.
• There is no risk of losing your personal information.
• The number of pets lost each year will be reduced.
• Finally, it can help you reunite with your pet.

How to Celebrate National Chip Your Pet Month?
The first and most important thing is to get your microchipped if you haven’t already done it. After that, you need to educate other pet owners about the importance and benefits of these chips. You can conduct seminars or post something on social media platforms with this hashtag. It will not only help you, but it will help other owners to reunite with their pets.