Cancer is the major cause of death for domestic cats and dogs in the U.S, so November is designated as a National Pet Cancer Awareness Month. The idea is to educate pet owners to protect their furry friends. Cancer is not only increasing in humans, but it’s also affecting animals over the past few years. Thankfully, much advancement has been made to detect and treat cancer at an early stage.
Pets become a victim of spleen cancer, joint cancer, liver cancer, chest cancer, and brain cancer. Pets are like our family, so it’s our moral duty to keep them healthy.
National Pet Cancer Awareness Month was created by the Animal Cancer Foundation and Nationwide in 2005. The main goal was to raise money and awareness to fight against this deadly disease and save your pet’s life.
What’s the Ratio of Cancer in Pets?
Cancer is affecting one in five cats and one in four dogs. Moreover, it’s the number one disease that causes death in dogs and cats in the United States. It can be confusing when your pet is diagnosed with cancer. A National Pet Cancer Awareness Month can help identify and treat cancer at the early stages.
How to Observe Cancer in Pets?
The signs of cancer in pets are almost similar to that in humans. If you’re a pet owner, the first thing you need to do is schedule an appointment for a medical checkup. Moreover, look for the warning signs of cancer. Some warning signs of cancer could be:
• Difficulty in eating and loss of appetite
• Diarrhea and vomiting
• Weight loss
• Difficult with urination and stool and change in the stool frequency
• Lack of interest in exercise and playing
• Severe lethargy
• Change in behavior
• Abnormal stiffness
• Foul odor
• Blood coming from rectum and mouth
• Respiratory changes
• Increases urination and thirst
• Masses along the tooth line
These are the warning signs of cancer, and you need to look for these signs. Identify cancer as soon as possible so that you can protect your pet.
How to Celebrate National Pet Cancer Awareness Month?
You can celebrate Pet Cancer Awareness month in different ways. For example, you can spread awareness by posting it on your social media profiles using the hashtag #PetCancerAwarenessMonth and #NationalPetCancerAwarenessMonth. Moreover, you can collect money for early detection and treatment. You can set a free medical camp where you can help pet owners to diagnose cancer symptoms. Moreover, hire some vets for free medical checkups. You can support this noble cause as you want.
How to Protect Cancer in Pets?
Remember, you can’t prevent all cancer, but you can minimize the risks by following a proactive approach. Follow the below-given steps for protecting your pets from cancer:
• Start with regular exercise and proper nutrition
• Spaying or neutering can help reduce the risks of cancer
• Keep your pet’s teeth clean and by annual dental exam and regular brushing.

This pro-active approach can help protect your pet from cancer risks.