What could possibly be better than a new puppy?  Nothin’, I don’t think. Puppy breath and fat puppy bellies are great. But, before you bring home your new bundle of joy make sure you have all your bases covered because you are basically bringing home a furry baby. Here are some great tips.

1. Create an area in the home for the new puppy. It is a good idea to keep him confined to two rooms at first. This will keep your puppy from being overwhelmed by sights and smells.
2. Baby proof the area. Puppies will chew on everything! This includes electrical cords and small objects that they can choke on. Make sure any dangerous materials like medications, vitamins, cleaning products, and garbage are out of their reach.         
3. Make sure you have everything you need for your puppy before he comes to his new home. This includes dog bowls, a crate, bedding, potty pads, leash/collar, nail clippers, grooming utensils, and appropriate things for him to chew on. Crates are a powerful way to housebreak your puppy. And contrary to what you might think puppies love their crates because it is their “safe place.” With that being said, never use the crate as a punishment.
4. Select and buy high-quality food and training treats for your pup. Small training treats are a great way to reinforce good behavior. It is also a good idea to go ahead and get dog safe toothpaste and a toothbrush. If you start brushing their teeth when they are young it will be much easier when they get older.   
5. Learn some basic training techniques. All training should be positive reinforcement. Never try to dominate your dog. It will not work. If you have chosen a puppy that is going to get big or have a lot of energy consider an obedience course. You will definitely want to research the characteristics of the breed you chose.
6. Decide who is going to be responsible for different things that puppy needs. Who is going to feed the puppy? Who is going to walk the puppy? Who is going to poop scoop the yard? Who is going to take the pup to the vet? Having decided all of this before the puppy comes will help make sure all of his needs are met.