If you have a puppy in your home then some type of training is inevitable. It may be potty, crate, tricks, working dog, and/or obedience training. Some training may be simple enough for your family to conquer, others you may need to bring in a professional!

Potty Training: 
Start this one as soon as possible!!! You will want to give your puppy plenty of opportunities to go to the restroom. Especially after eating, sleeping, or playing. Always get excited when they go to the restroom in the correct place! No need to punish for improper behavior… but definitely reward or positively reinforce the good! There are so many methods, including potty bell, and crate training.
Crate Training:
Many families choose to crate train, especially if they travel a lot. A puppy shouldn’t be left for longer than 4 hours, under any circumstances. The idea of a crate is no one likes to eat and sleep where they relieve themselves, (urinate or bowel movements). So the puppy will learn quickly that isn’t the place to go! 
Teaching Tricks:
There are so many cool tricks and simple ones too! Teaching your puppy early is awesome! Think the normal, Sit, Stay, Lay Down… As mentioned earlier, we prefer positive reinforcement while teaching any dog new tricks! These tricks go hand-in-hand with obedience training. 
Working Dog Training
There are many types of service training (therapy, service, emotional support). Each type has a specific type of training they must go through in order to gain true working dog status. Here is a nice chart that highlights some of the characteristics or expectations of each… 
Obedience Training 
Remember it may be cute while they are puppies, but don’t let them do it if it isn’t cute when they get older. Biting is one that comes to mind. Keep your pet from gnawing on furniture, shoes, and even you. Don’t get confused for a minute… this is more than just don’t chew this or that, but also how to walk on a leash too!