Benefits of Adopting a Senior Pet

As cute little puppies and kittens are, we all know how tough the puppy phase can get! The mess they make, the effort and time you need to house-train them, the biting and chewing on everything in sight – well, it’s a different ball game! Many people who want first pets are terrified of the puppy stage to the extent that they don’t adopt dogs or cats at all!

For someone who does not have the time to dedicate to a little puppy or kitten, but wants to bring home an adorable furball, here’s the best solution – adopt a senior pet! There are many benefits of adopting a senior pet, but not many people consider bringing one home. So, as November is ‘adopt a senior pet’ month, we’re here to tell you some of the key benefits of opening your heart to a senior pet:

They are housebroken
Middle age and senior dogs are usually housebroken. Housebreaking a pet is one of the most challenging parts of having a new pup. This can be very stressful for the pup and owner. Adopting an older pet will eliminate this stress.
They’re a lot Calmer
Senior pets are less of mischief and a lot calmer than younger pets. Lots of them have lived families, which means they have already had the training they require to live in a home. They’re way past their teething stage and do not have destructive habits, so all your furniture, carpets (and even your feet) will be safe. Even if the senior pets lack some aspects of training, it’s never too late – they still can grasp new things. And yes, it wouldn’t take as much time to train them as it would to train a little puppy or a kitten.
You Know the Temperament of the Pet
When you bring a puppy or a kitten home, you have no idea what its temperament is and what it will be like when they grow up. But with a senior dog, you know everything – right from their eating habits, their likes, dislikes, and even the timing of their potty breaks. So, when you know the personality and temperament of a dog, you’d be in a better position to bring home a pet that is well-suited for your lifestyle and home. So, no more guesswork – you know the breed, weight, size, temperament, and personality – just everything you need to bring home the perfect pet!
They are Adorable and Appreciative
Dogs and cats are cute, irrespective of their age! They’re still goofy and quirky, with a slight hint of mischief. But, more importantly, senior pets appreciate their adoptive families as they finally have someone willing to love them over again. They love the cuddles, treats, and every little bit of attention you give them, and it doesn’t stop at that – they’re grateful for all of it too!
They Deserve a Home
Senior pets often end up being overlooked in shelter homes. They get food, water, and medical care in shelter homes but what they deserve in the prime years of their life is lots of love, attention, cuddles, and care. By bringing home a senior pet, they get all the love, and you get the satisfaction of knowing you gave them the life they deserve.
Summing Up
There’s no age limit for love -so why stop yourself from bringing home an adult dog? If puppies and kittens aren’t for you, adopting a senior pet will be the best decision for you- it will be easier to care for them and receive loads of love and sloppy kisses in return! So, if you’re looking for senior pets in Fort Worth, what are you waiting for? Walk into the nearest shelter and bring home your furry friend today!