We consider our pets as a member of the family, so why wouldn’t we want to take them along on a road trip vacation?  Although you may feel apprehensive about it, we’ll give you some practical tips to make pet friendly road trips.  With a little planning and preparation, your furry family members can load up and come along too!



This is never a fun part of the journey, but a necessity to have a stress free vacation if you’ve packed properly.  First, focus on packing yourself, then for your pet.  Make a list of your pets’ essentials, and any purchases that you should make prior to the trip.  Your pup will need some of his items like toys and blankets for familiarity and comfort.  All the unfamiliar smells and environments will excite, so this will help to settle any anxieties.  If you’re using a carrier, place one of your old shirts that you’ve worn to add extra snuggly comfort.


Be sure to plan for enough days of food, and treats for good behavior.  Do not forget any medications, and enough for the entire trip.  Finally, consider investing in a travel water bowl that is spill proof, and bring a gallon jug of water or two, depending on the length of the trip.  Having all of your pups needed supplies is important for pet friendly road trips, keeping him happy and stress free for you.


Go With The Unexpected

It is smart and necessary to plan, however, things happen along the way.  That is life.  Try to go with the flow and not stress.  This is an adventure, go wherever it may lead and bring back splendid memories with delightful stories to share.  Whatever happens, don’t allow something trivial to ruin your vacation.


Consider Others

Some people may not be as welcoming of your pup as others, possibly from a past negative experience.  So give them a positive one!  Keep your furry friend from interfering with others, especially if he’s anxious and in an unfriendly state.  If someone wants to interact with him while in that state, kindly let them know that he’s a little nervous and it may be better to keep at a distance.  People will understand your looking after their best interest.


Prepare And Keep To A Schedule

Consider your times for potty breaks and meals, doing your best to keep them regular and on schedule.  Routine is comforting to your dog, and you don’t have to worry about if he has to “go”.  In your planning, look for state rest stops so you can stretch everyone’s legs at regular intervals.  Don’t forget the doggy waste bags!  Maybe have a little playtime before loading up and snuggling back in for the drive.


Not all trips are suitable for your pet, but consider these suggestions for pet friendly road trips.  Enjoy the bonding time with every member of your family, human and canine.