We have a few tips to help make your next picture a success!
1. Get your Eye “On Point”
Get comfortable with your camera… Let’s be real, the camera on your phone. Be sure you know just how long it takes to snap that pic, and then practice while your pal is in action. (Did you know most phone cameras allow you to tap the screen to focus on your “subject?” Give it a try.)
2. Don’t Stress, Let it happen
Try not to get too caught up making the perfect picture and just let it happen. Sure you can make your pal a cool summer treat, bring out the kiddie pool, or the sweet sunglasses. But really a dog will do whatever they want… whenever they want.
3. Let’em Sniff
If you are venturing to uncharted territory… or even places you have been. We all know your pal likes to sniff… everything! Let’em go wild, but have your camera ready. Even sniffing a trail could be a cute photo. Please remember “Watch Where You Are Going!” Don’t just wander aimlessly upon a snake… or in a creek!
4. Get Low… no really.
Some of the best photos are taken on a dog’s eye view. Getting down on their level to take pictures will allow you to capture their full personality. Otherwise, you are just capturing your dog’s head and back…
5. Have Fun!
Just have a good time, bring props or a helper if you feel it’s necessary. Mostly just have a great time making memories with your pal!