Are you ready for BIG game Sunday? We aren’t talkin’ about the Super Bowl! We are talkin’ about The 2020 Puppy Bowl featuring 96 adoptable puppies from 61 shelters across the U.S. Team Fluff and Team Ruff will take the field in Puppy Bowl XVI for the coveted “Lombarky Trophy” and bragging rights as this year’s top dogs. This year The Puppy Bowl will feature 5 special needs dogs. The Puppy Bowl will air on the same day as Super Bowl 53, Feb. 2, beginning at 2 p.m. CST on Animal Planet. It will run for two hours and will feature a kitten halftime show for showcasing some adorably fierce felines.
   The goal behind the Puppy Bowl isn’t just to provide entertainment by showing some cute puppies playing together. This event is carefully planned out down to every last detail. Each puppy chosen to participate is selected for a  specific reason. The event is meant to encourage pet adoption and emphasize the value of rescuing an animal from a shelter. Grab your favorite pooch and curl up on the couch on Sunday and enjoy it. I know that is where I am gonna be!