Do I really need pet insurance?” It’s a question many pet owners in Fort Worth, Texas, and beyond are asking. After all, the Lone Star State sure does love its cats and dogs! In fact, according to Pawlicy Advisor, 58.2% of Texas households own a pet. That’s a lot of fur babies!
Of course, we all want our darling pets to have long and happy lives. In addition to regular veterinarian checkups, nutritious food, and exercise, you might be wondering, “Is pet insurance worth it?” Today, Top Dog is here with helpful information for you to think about before making the leap.

Top 3 Benefits of Pet Insurance
1) Peace of Mind
Firstly, pet insurance is an investment in your pet’s future. Rather than worry about “what ifs” and worst-case scenarios, an insurance policy buys owners peace of mind and reduces fear and worry. If something goes wrong, you are prepared.
2) Immediate Veterinarian Care
Secondly, pet insurance is a good idea because it guarantees your pet gets high-quality care, ASAP. Sometimes, pets need to undergo lifesaving surgery with zero notice. An emergency will require instant intervention, and with pet insurance, you won’t be stuck waiting days (or weeks) for funds to clear to pay medical bills.
3) Protect Your Savings
Third, buying pet insurance is a smart way to protect your bank account. If you have a little rainy-day fund for pet emergencies, fantastic! If not, a monthly pet insurance contribution can provide a financial buffer.
What Do Pet Insurance Plans Cover?
When it comes to pet insurance, there are two main types.
• Accident only
• Accident + Illness (also known as Comprehensive)
With the latter, things such as emergency care, surgery, hospitalization, broken bones, poisoning, allergies, breed-specific conditions, and prescription medications are generally covered. With the former, expenses related to an illness (for instance, an ear infection) would NOT be covered. Different policies have different deductibles, so research your options!

Final Thoughts

Ultimately, the choice is yours. Before making a firm decision, take a moment to honestly reflect on your own financial situation and ask yourself these questions:

1) How much am I able to pay out-of-pocket for veterinary bills?
2) In a worst-case scenario (such as an accident or serious illness) do I have the funds necessary to cover an unexpected cost?
In summary, Fort Worth, Texas pet owners should sit down and think about whether pet insurance is right for them!