One of the most exciting experiences for any dog owner is bringing home an adorable pup. Getting a dog is like having a child.

Owning a dog doesn’t mean just giving them a place to sleep or petting them. It extends to responsibilities of feeding them healthy food, grooming, training, exercising, and taking them for check-ups to a vet.

All dogs are delightful, heartwarming, and hard to resist. Here are a few things that every dog owner should know:

● Preparing your home – dogproof your house
As responsible dog owners, we all want our dogs to be safe and happy. Before bringing home your dog, you must prepare your home and dog-proof every area. You must ensure that your pup can’t get a hold of any wires, shoes, chemicals, or toxic plants that they can chew or possibly ingest.

● Choose a vet
Your dog requires vet visits and vaccination. It’s better to choose an expert vet ahead of time. Set up a vaccination and check-up schedule, right from the beginning. These vet visits and checkups give you a chance to track your dog’s growth. You can discuss any questions about your dog’s health with your vet.

● Age-appropriate healthy diet
Dog’s diet should be appropriate for your dog’s age, gender, and activity level. To support your dog’s energy level, their food should meet their nutritional requirements. Do not overfeed your dog even if it acts like it’s starving. Always provide plenty of fresh and clean water to your dog.

● Feeding schedule
Maintain a regular feeding schedule for your dog. Do not leave their food out all day. If the dog doesn’t eat, pick it up and wait until the next meal.

● Make sure your dog is properly identified
Always ensure that your dog is properly identified and wears ID tags whenever they leave the house. You can use a personalized collar with your name and up-to-date phone number.

You can consider having your dog microchipped. The microchip is encoded with unique and current identification and is implanted just under the skin of the neck. Your dog can be scanned and anyone can get in touch with you.

● Grooming your dog regularly
Regular grooming is essential for your dog’s overall well-being satisfaction. Try to brush your dog’s coat regularly to prevent mats and tangles. Give them a bath when necessary with high-quality dog shampoo and conditioner. Regular grooming will help to maintain better hygiene and reduce the chances of infections. You will be able to identify potential health problems early.

● Comfy place to sleep
Dogs need a designated, quiet, and comfortable place to relax and sleep. Choosing a comfy dog bed is important for your dog to have a peaceful sleep. You must provide clean and warm and dry bedding for their sleeping.

● Provide physical and mental stimulation
Physical and mental stimulation will help channel your dog’s energy in a constructive way. You can meet your dog’s exercise requirements by
● Walking
● Running and playing in a fenced yard
● Hiking
● Swimming
● Playing games like fetch, frisbee toss, and tug of war
● Playing with interactive puzzle toys

Final thoughts
Sharing our lives with a dog is incredibly special. Having a pup running around your house is always fun. Dogs make us laugh, keep us company, and stay with us in all circumstances.

Dog ownership comes with many perks and responsibilities. By becoming a dog parent, you are taking responsibility for another life! Keep in mind that love and care are very important for dogs.