It wasn’t that long ago your dog and maybe even your cat met you at the door at the end of a long workday like the hadn’t seen you in years! Your dog dancing around, trying to give you kisses, and maybe even exposing their belly for a rub.  Your kitty rubbing up against your calves with a loud purr! They wonder after all “where do you go all day?” They think “if only could be with us all day every day!  Now they have their wish!

With people working from home, kids out of school, and young adults, home from college our pets are getting more attention than they ever have…and maybe too much! Like small children and seniors, pets are usually the happiest when they are on a schedule.   Your kitty is used to bathing herself in the sunlight of the window after breakfast is served and the pet parents go to work. Your pups are used to their afternoon naps after their dog walker comes at noon. Now with shelter in place in full force in the Fort Worth area, our pets never get a chance to miss us!

These are crazy times and pets are under a lot of pressure. Particularly dogs who are experiencing increased demand for photos, cuddles, and conversation. There are also endless walks being requested. Add to this all the home delivery people that need to be barked at as well. We live on a busy street and lots of people are out walking all of the time. My dogs think they must protect us from them, so they are “on duty” all day.

In addition to all the stimuli, your pets are feeling our anxiety as well.   Some of us are trying to work at home for the first time at impromptu desks learning how to work Zoom. Others are worried that they may lose their job or business. Then there is a fear of you or one of your family members coming down with COVID-19. Your pets sense your energy good and bad.


  • Make sure you have enough supplies on hand to last at least a month. Dog food, cat food, cat litter, treats, and medicine. com delivers to your door if you run out.
  • Try to keep your pet on some kind of routine that resembles the routine they had before.
  • Since dogs get restless if they are cooped up too long, have toys on-hand to keep your dog   Bring them out a few a time. You can make your own toys at home or buy interactive toys online.  Kitties love interactive toys too!
  • Set up a second bed for your kitty or pup in a quiet place where they can get away from all “the noise” if they like.
  • Do not overwalk the dog. LOL
  • Pets know when there is panic in the air so try to remain calm. You can also purchase dog and cat calming treats. Dr. Lyon’s Calming Aid with Melatonin and Premium Pet Calming bites have both been highly recommended.