Covering The Month-Long Holiday That Promotes Dog Walking And Discussing The Many Benefits Of Taking Your Dog For Daily Walks

Now that 2024 is here, it’s time to start planning out the new year. This includes new goals, new plans, and new year’s resolutions. While you are making life changes to improve yourself, try including your dog too! One big change you can make for your dog this year is to go on more routine dog walks.

The entire month of January is widely celebrated as Walk Your Dog Month! This article will take an in-depth look at the many benefits of routine dog walking. These benefits will apply to both you and your furry friend. We hope that this holiday and this article will inspire you to make every month Walk Your Dog Month in 2024.

A dog excited for a walk

A dog excited for a walk

A Holiday Dedicated To Dog Walking

The focus of Walk Your Dog Month is to help encourage responsible pet ownership and promote overall dog health. While most dog owners provide the basics of food, water, and space, it’s easy to overlook other aspects of dog health. Dogs also need daily exercise and mental stimulation. One of the best ways to get both of these things is by going for routine walks. 

The Association for Pet Obesity Prevention reports that 59% of dogs in the U.S. are overweight or have obesity. This is a shocking high statistic and it shows that many dogs in the U.S. are not getting the exercise they need. Walk Your Dog Month aims to change this. 

Benefits Of Routine Walks For Your Dog

As previously mentioned, dogs need regular exercise and stimulation in order to live a happy and healthy life. One of the best ways to provide both of these things is through routine walks. 

Dog walks provide good cardiovascular exercise for dogs. This helps prevent things like obesity, which can lead to other health complications like arthritis, diabetes, and high blood pressure. Additionally, going for walks can be very stimulating for dogs too. Routine walks give your dog a well deserved change of scenery. They allow your dog to interact with new people or pets, smell different smells, and experience the world around them.  

If you notice your dog is bored or has too much energy, taking them for walks may be the solution. Being stuck indoors all day is not very exciting or stimulating for your dog. For a more in-depth look into the many benefits of daily exercise for dogs, click here

A dog and owner walking

A dog and owner walking

Benefits Of Routine Dog Walks For You

It’s important to remember that you can also benefit from going on routine dog walks everyday. Daily dog walks provide great cardiovascular exercise for you too! This will help you burn more calories, potentially burning more fat. If you’re looking to lose a few excess pounds in 2024, daily dog walks will certainly help.

Additionally, daily walks with your dog will help build & strengthen your leg muscles. Everyday is leg day when you walk your dog everyday. This daily cardiovascular exercise is also good for your heart health, lung capacity, immune health, blood pressure, and sleep cycle. For more information about the many benefits of daily cardio exercise, click here.

Celebrating Walk Your Dog Month

The most obvious way to observe Walk Your Dog Month is to take your dog for daily walks. Start the new year off right with 2 to 3 dog walks every day! Getting into this habit in January will help inspire you to continue daily dog walks throughout the rest of the year.

However, if you don’t have a dog, you can celebrate in other ways. We encourage you to post about Walk Your Dog Month on social media like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Be sure to use the tag #walkyourdogmonth and tell your friends & family about this amazing pet-themed holiday.

A professional dog walker

A professional dog walker

Hire A Professional To Walk Your Dog!

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