Right now, we are living through an unprecedented time in history. Things that we normally take for granted like running to the grocery store or even going to work are no longer a reality. We are anxious, frightened, and isolated. One of the unexpected silver linings of this pandemic and our current social distanced life is how many lives have been saved. Animal shelters have been cleared out across the country.
Why are so many people adopting and fostering now?
Mental Health Benefit:
Bringing a new pet into your home is good for both the dog or cat and the owner. Lots of people are feeling isolated and lonely right now. A new pet provides comfort and is a positive distraction from the craziness of current events. Also, petting a dog or cat can trigger the release of dopamine and the bonding hormone, oxytocin. Feeling that fur can also lower your heart rate and blood pressure
Additional Time at Home:
Lots of people who don’t adopt because they work so much. In addition, they may have extra activities that keep them away from home as well..…the gym, kid’s activities, dinner with friends. They feel like they don’t have time to walk the dog or help the kitty get acclimated. Now that all social activities have come to a halt and we are home more than ever it is the perfect time to welcome a new furry family member into the home.
Pets Give Us Structure:
Caring for a pet provides structure in your day. This routine can be helpful for maintaining balance during these uncertain times. After all, you have to get up to feed them, take them outside, and adhere to a schedule. This structure gives us a sense of purpose and normalcy.

Yes, bringing home a new pet is a big responsibility. Early wake-ups, walks, training. But, if you are feeling isolated or working from home or both and love the furry ones this is a great time to adopt or foster. It just might save you both.